Playground (STUK Kunsten-centrum
& M-Museum)



Playground is a festival for performance art since 2007. The festival is a coproduction between STUK Kunstencentrum & M-Museum. Performance art today offers a free space for artists who won’t tie themselves down to a single discipline. These individuals freely combine elements in their practice from installation, text, film, sculpture, architecture and choreography, bringing objects and bodies together in challenging live performances. These artists create new visual images that reflect on art, the world and the mediatisation of our lives. For more than 10 years, Playground is hosting a wealth of performances and is presenting some of the experiments that take place in the intriguing zone between the performing and visual arts.

M-Museum Leuven is a young museum, inaugurated in a new building in 2009, that aims to integrate past, present and future in a comprehensive approach to art and visual culture. M combines an historical collection with exhibitions of classical and contemporary art. M is a place for presentation, research, creation, encounter, reflection and collaboration. The museum aims to be locally integrated while also developing a national and international profile. Next to dynamic presentations of the collection, M hosts two floors of exhibition galleries. The exhibition program mostly focuses on solo shows, both by internationally known and young and upcoming artists.

STUK Kunstencentrum
STUK Kunstencentrum chooses for dance, image and sound and all hybrid forms in between.The presentation of artistic work in an inspiring context is key: in this house artists develop and create new work, people take part in courses and workshops and we reflect upon art and the world together with our audience. Our balanced programme combines international reference work and exciting new forms. STUK builds an arts centre of the future by linking art with education, science, youth work, training and more. STUK takes care for artists and audience, brings them together and look for an active relation between them.