Mapping Dimension 27

Portrait CAConrad. Photo: Jade Cruz Quinn.

Portrait CAConrad. Photo: Jade Cruz Quinn.

Saturday 11 March – Sunday 12 March 2017

‘Mapping Dimension 27’ at CAC Vilnius

1–5pm / Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius / Two-day Workshop, in English

This second visit to the CAC Vilnius by the US poet and essayist CAConrad, follows the premiere of this new (Soma)tic Poetry Ritual at KW in Berlin by a few days. For the two-day workshop he will use handmade maps and golden lightning rods to study the many aspects of our planet’s southern and northern hemispheres. He will also consider the upper and lower frames of our bodies and how political and religious credence challenges and directs our worldviews.

After the workshop participants will continue to explore the ritual on their own for the spring and summer of 2017. In the fall CAConrad will return to examine how we are conditioned to consider East and West as life and death, as the known and the unknown forces of our world and how these directional archetypes help and hinder our lives. This is a love letter to the Future Wilderness of our world.