Cally Spooner



Using text, sound and choreography, Athens based artist Cally Spooner (b. 1983, UK) stages absurdist replays of the political, economic and media rhetoric of our time. Arriving from a training in Philosophy and landing somewhere between stable, formal compositions and living, social events, her work prods and make restless the hierarchies between those who hold power to manage bodies, language and thought, and those who do not.

Spooner’s most recent shows include Whitechapel Gallery, London (2017), The New Museum, New York, The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (both 2016). Her recent group shows include Serpentine Gallery (2017) and the Geneva Moving Image Biennial (2016–17). Her book of Scripts is published by Slimvolume (2016), and her novel Collapsing In Parts is published by Mousse (2012). She is the current writer in residence at the Whitechapel Gallery, London (2016–17).